The community center is a place for gathering, communication and interaction of people. The traditional form of solving public issues is to collect all people in a circle so that everyone can see everyone: this form of collective communication is one of the basic for all of humanity. Taking this aspect of life as a basis, we suggest to use this model for the community center: it means gathering people around the open space.

There are a kitchen, ateliers, a library, a common room, storerooms and technical rooms around a courtyard. For household needs, the building has an additional courtyard between the kitchen and washing zone. There are washrooms, showers and bathrooms. The kitchen, inner courtyard and common room are united in a large single space during mass common events.
Проект / 2018
Конкурс / (Первое место)
Реализация / по планам организаторов 2018-2019
Местоположение / Непал, 150км от Катманду
Площадь / 390 м2

Архитекторы / Коллаборация: Евгений Макаренко, Ксения Зверева, Татьяна Ан, Екатерина Арефьева

Строительство: Rock'n'Wood (